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Women are often embarrassed and self conscious of their hair loss. Day to day styling only reminds them even more of the struggle in dealing with their thinning hair. Women experience hair loss for many reasons. The most common is called androgenetic alopecia which is an overall thinning of top and sides of the scalp. Other reasons for hair loss in women can be from medical problems such as hormonal changes, thyroid disease. Even new medications and life altering events can lead to hair loss. In fact over 30 million women live with this condition everyday.

Women thought for a long time that wigs and hair pieces were their only option. But over the last several years women are realizing that they are also great candidates for hair transplant surgery. Hair transplants can thicken up a thin area, place hair in a bald area, restore a hairline and even recreate your temporal points.

Dr. Koher provides a complimentary consultation to come into the office to talk with him directly about your hair loss concerns. It is as easy as calling 866-DR-KOHER or e-mail us through this website. Dr. Koher knows he can help. With his 20 years of expertise in hair transplant surgery he will provide you with the most current and accurate information in treating your hair loss.

P.S. Dr. Koher is also able to transplant eyebrows!

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