Low Level Laser Hair Therapy for Hair Loss

New at the Koher Center for Hair Restoration

Dr. Koher now offers Low Level Laser Hair Therapy

We now offer Low Level Laser Hair Therapy (LLLT). Low Level Laser Hair Therapy is a treatment option for males and females suffering from hair loss. It is a non-surgical procedure that can provide another way to stimulate hair growth in both men and women. We can use Low Level Laser Hair Therapy in conjunction with other non-surgical therapies such as Rogaine and Propecia. We are able to treat more men and women at earlier stages of their hair loss that may or may not yet be a candidate for hair transplant surgery.

Today, more clinics around the world are using Low Level Laser Hair Therapy to stop the progression of hair loss. Low level lasers or cold beam laser’s, have no thermal component and therefore has no risk of cutting or burning the skin. There are no known side effects to this type of laser treatment. Patients seeking a non-invasive, therapeutic solution to hair loss have found this treatment option to be very beneficial. Low Level Laser Hair Therapy increases circulation to the scalp by 20-30%. It increases nutrient supply to enhance hair growth. LLLT stops the progression of hair loss, repairs and improves hair shaft quality, and can also relieve some scalp conditions. LLLT has also proven to aid in the healing process after Hair Transplant Surgery and is offered post operatively to all of our patients.

Programs of LLLT consist of weekly treatments 2-3 times a week for approximately 6 months and then can be reduced to a maintenance phase of once a week for the next 3-4 months. Each session takes 20 minutes. Before starting this laser program you will have a free consultation with Dr. Koher discuss all your hair loss concerns.

The most effective laser programs have proven to be those that combine Low Level Laser Hair Therapy with Propecia or Minoxidil. If you are suffering from hair loss or thinning, and are interested in learning more about Low Level Laser Hair Therapy, the non surgical hair loss treatment option, please call our office at 1.800.491.9080, e-mail us, or use our contact page to talk to us about a free consultation today.