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Hair Transplants in Charlotte, NC

Welcome to the Charlotte hair transplant surgery of Dr. Grant Koher.

Over nearly two decades, Dr. Koher has performed over 10,000 hair transplant procedures, which is why he is recognized internationally as a pioneer and expert in the field of hair restoration.

Each and every patient he serves takes advantage of his passion and desire to provide the best possible outcomes. He is proud to stand by his absolute guarantee of complete satisfaction. Taking advantage of the latest techniques and technology, he produces undetectable results.

Do you want to regain your self confidence? Do you dream of getting your youthful exuberance back? To find out more about how Dr. Koher can help you contact us, call now on 1.800.491.9080, fill in the form on the right of the page, or email us at

Koher Center for Hair Restoration Charlotte, NC

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